If like me you enjoy getting out of the gym from time to time but the cold weather is a little to harsh, here are a few tips that can help get you out of the front door. Remember that the hardest part is actually getting started, once you have started you’ll warm up and it won’t be so bad. Training in cold weather actually has many benefits. You burn more calories as the body uses more energy to stay warm. Training in the cold can potentially boost immune system by increasing the Lymphatic and cardiovascular circulation. Exercise no matter when or where its done increase the level of serotonin, the mood improving hormone, this will help you fight seasonal affective disorder (SAD)! So remember, its just cold and it won’t kill you, just prepare yourself properly and you’ll be fine.

Below are a few tips to help you stay safe and injury free and to make the most out of your cold weather training.

Tip 1

Increase the duration of your warm up. The warm up is crucial no matter the conditions how ever in the winter your body will take longer to increase its core temperature. Not warming up properly can result in injury as your muscles, ligaments and joints will not be sufficiently prepared for the work load. So take an extra 5 minutes to get the blood circulating and increase the synovial fluid surrounding the joints.

Tip 2

The correct clothing is another important factor in staying safe and enjoying your outdoor training session. My best advice would be to dress in layers. If you wear too much clothing you will inevitably sweat more, when sweat evaporates it removes heat from the body. If you dress in layers you can remove them as and when required and then put them bak on when you need to. The ideal method of layering would be to first wear a thin base layer of synthetic material, this helps draw sweat away from the body, avoid cotton as this will retain the moisture and stick to the body.

Tip 3

Train your mind, tell yourself its just 5 minutes out of your day, inevitably you’ll go for longer and feel rewarded after doing so. Keep doing this as it is this repetition that is key. The more you do it the easier it’ll become and the more you will want to do it.

Tip 4

Get training with a partner or a trainer. It adds commitment, you won’t want to let that person down so you’ll get out there and do it. Not only does this commitment get you out there but you will push and encourage one another to advance your training and reap the benefits.


Exercising in any weather or situation is all about creating a habit. The more you do it the more it’ll become part of the norm. If you put in the work now, you will be one step ahead when it comes to looking and feeling good for the summer. Get in the right mind set, prepare and reap the benefits.

If you need help in hitting your goals, I’m always available to help you.


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