Consistency is key, to reaching your fitness goals

If you are aiming to lose 2 stone, increase your bench press or improve your running time, the most important thing to remember is consistency. 

No matter what your goals in life are, you will not achieve success unless you work at it, over and over again, day in and day out. The same applies for your health and fitness goals. Through my experience the majority of people fail to succeed due to the lack of consistency. You can have the best nutrition plan, the best trainer and all the best  facilities at your disposal. If you are not consistent then you will forever be taking two steps forward and one step backwards, ultimately giving your self more work and increasing the risk of giving up. If you look at it from a positive point of view however, it actually gets easier with consistency and becomes second nature, and before you know it you are hitting your goals and actually enjoying the process.

For the purpose of this blog I am going focus on a reduction of body fat, while promoting lean muscle. To do this I am going to break  down it down into THREE main components. NUTRITION, RESISTANCE TRAINING and CARDIOVASCULAR TRAINING. It is my belief that all three play an equal role.


I find this is where my clients struggle the most to remain consistent. What I tend to notice is they stay focused for a period and then reward themselves with a “treat”, they tend to have a blow out which may last a few days. If this pattern continues it turns into a vicious cycle of one step forward and two steps backwards. It will effect over all progress and become frustrating and demotivating. When putting together a nutrition program, include healthy foods that you enjoy, this way it isn’t such a chore to stick to. Moderation is very important. So rather than totally cutting everything out of your diet, allow the occasional treat. I find for every 10 healthy meals, you allow for a treat snack. This way you are keeping it a sustainable diet and ultimately more likely to stick with it.


Depending on your individual goals you should aim to do some form of resistance training between3 and 6 times per week. Resistance training will help you develop muscle, sculpt and tone your body in the process and increase metabolic rate. It can be hard to keep motivated and to ensure you are constantly pushing your self and not just sitting in a comfortable rhythm. This is where I find the expertise of a qualified trainer can really help. 


Cardio work is important for keeping the metabolism burning and keeping any unwanted fat at bay. If you maintain a decent level of cardio, it will allow you to eat the calories you need, while at the same time working towards the lean body you desire. 

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Toby King Personal Trainer

Toby King is a personal trainer in Cardiff that helps his clients lose weight, build muscle and improve their health. If you would like to hire Toby to help you achieve your fitness goals please get in touch.