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Are you looking for a personal trainer in Cathays that can keep you motivated, has years of experience to help you reach your fitness goals and someone who can keep your training sessions fun? If so TK-Fitness can help.

TK-Fitness is run by Toby King who has over 15 years of experience in nutrition, cardiovascular training, and resistance training and if you need a personal trainer who can come to you or use many of the gyms in Cathays, TK-Fitness can help.

Hiring a personal trainer can be a tough choice because there are so many personal trainers out there, even in a small area such as Cathays there are multiple personal trainers to choose from and choosing the wrong personal trainer could result in you achieving no results and losing your money in the process.

Below I have put a small list for what you should look for when hiring a personal trainer in Cathays.

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Personal trainer near Cathays

How to choose a personal trainer

Firstly the personal trainer that you hire should be interested in you, they should want to know what you have tried in the past, what worked for you and what didn’t and how you would like to proceed going forward.  If a personal trainer doesn’t ask any of those questions there is a good chance you are going to be put on a basic personal training regime that isn’t customised to you.

A good personal trainer in Cathays will need your past information so they can build a plan to take you forward in the right direction.

A personal trainer should have good knowledge of nutrition as your diet will ultimately play a huge role in how you look and feel and with that said it’s not all about eating salads either.  A good diet requires the right amount of macronutrients which will keep you motivated to continue your training.

The best personal trainer isn’t someone who promises the world in a short period of time either.  Have you seen those adverts on TV that promise weight lose within a short number of weeks? Yes you know the ones, fad diets, and crash dieting aren’t healthy and good results will take time to achieve especially if you want to keep the results afterward.

When considering hiring a personal trainer you should hire one that sets realistic targets that you can reach.  Sure there’s nothing wrong with challenging goals but goals that require you to lose 3 stone by next Tuesday aren’t going to keep you motivated and could be damaging to your body. 

I get hiring a personal trainer can be challenging so if you would like to discuss your goals, your past history and map out a plan to get where you want to be please get in touch for a free consultation.