4 Steps to help keep in shape over the festive period

December marks the start of Christmas festivities, office parties and in general over indulgence. If you are not careful, it’s easy to put on a stone of unwanted weight over this period as we are constantly surrounded by high in fat and surgery treats. Here are a few steps you can follow to make that new year kick start a little less challenging for yourself.

Remember 1 mince pie can take a woman of average build just under 4 miles of walking to burn of!


Do not go food shopping when hungry as you’ll be more tempted to throw things in the trolly you don’t need. Write a shopping list before you go, this will stop you from getting lured in to the offers that are usually placed on sugary and un healthy treats & snacks. it will also help prevent you spending more than you need to. Ask your self do you really need a cupboard full of chocolate that will still be half full in spring?

Small things can add up to make a big difference, when out christmas shopping use stairs rather than elevators & escalators as carrying all that shopping around will be like a mini work out on its own. Park the car out of town and walk in, not only will this top up your activity levels buy it’ll help you avoid that awful city centre congestion.

Train in the morning

Training in the morning allows you to get on with the rest of your day. If you plan to train later in the day things may come up that will prevent you from doing so, especially at this busy time of year. The second advantage of training first thing is you will be focused through out . the day and less likely to slip into bad habits and undo the good work.

Keep an eye on alcohol consumption

Avoiding the sugary creamy alcoholic drinks will go some way to helping you curb the calorie intake, but remember even drinking the slimline jin & tonic decreases inhibitions, thus making you more likely to snack on treats you don’t need. Alcohol also dehydrates you so it will make going for that run or exercise class that much tougher.

Make the right choices

When it comes to eating out over the Christmas period, including the Christmas dinner, don’t be tempted  into thinking you can eat what you like and just burn it off in the new year. If you have that attitude you will find it a real struggle come January. Instead fill you plate with the healthy options and fill up on the vegatables rather than the roast potatoes. Nutritionally if done with thought, Christmas dinner can be tasty and full of goodness. Of course treat your self, but try and think of it like; for every 10 good decisions you make you can have a naughty treat. you will thank yourself come January!

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