It’s important to understand that I am talking about fat Loss here and not weight loss. During weight loss fat as well as muscle is generally lost so it’s crucial you understand the difference.

During fat loss however, you will generally see an increase in lean muscle mass. Especially when your training and nutrition is correct.

Training for fat loss

There are thousands of ways to train for fat loss with so many fitness experts claiming their method is the best but the most important thing to remember when training for fat loss is variety, intensity and consistency.

Both weight training and cardio are essential for fat loss. A leaner physique will naturally burn more calories due to muscle metabolic efficiency. The type of training and its intensity level will however have a specific adaptational phase where calories are burnt post workout. It’s important you understand that a “thinner” or “skinnier” physique is not necessarily a leaner one. A body type that is too thin can be just as harmful as someone with a higher body fat percentage.

Now lets check out a few training methods more closely:

High intensity training (HIT) – Now most people will have heard of HIIT and not HIT and the difference is the rest and recovery time during the workout. Circuits and multiple exercise workouts such as Crossfit are generally HIT. These workouts are generally completed with 70-85% of your max effort level in order to achieve a desired and perceived (more on this in another blog) 100% fatigue rate by the end of the workout. Post workout calorie expenditure can last up to 24 hours following a HIT workout.

High intensity interval training (HIIT) – this unlike HIT will be completed at 90-100% of max effort level per repetition and workouts will be structured so that recovery is close to maximal. 30m sprints are a great example.

Post workout calorie expenditure again can last up to 24 hours. Not many people complete this training method correctly due to the fact that they neglect the recovery time. Maximal work rate with adequate recovery time is what’s needed in order to perfect this type of training.

Steady state cardio – These long bouts of cardio generally last more than 45mins but can last for hours. Road running/jogging are great examples. Post workout calorie expenditure can last up to 6 hours post workout and although this might not be as high as both HIT and HIIT it certainly has its benefits.

Heart health an fat loss are extremely important to one another. A healthier leaner physique will ease the pressure on your heart while a more efficient heart beat will increase your body’s ability to recover and transport nutrients to your muscles. It’s important you don’t neglect this.

Resistant training – this type of training can be broken up into a variety of different categories but lets concentrate on weight training in general. Weight training will increase your lean muscle and an as I’ve previously stated a leaner physique burns more calories. Strength training and bodybuilding workouts can help you achieve a leaner physique so it’s extremely important you include strength/bodybuilding type workouts into your weekly routine.

There are plenty of varieties of training but I’ll leave it there for now and I’ll return with some more specific blogs in the future.

Eating for Fat Loss

Again its important you begin by understanding that everyone is different and every fitness professional will have their own diet or eating method which they believe is the best. But what will work for them might not necessarily work for you which clear since there are so many diets.

My eating habits have been questioned many times but what I know about nutrition and food is generally more than them so I understand they’re negativity. When I began talking about increasing my fat intake I remember people warning me of the possible side effects like high cholesterol and weight gain. But these people are generally overweight, unfit and ate low fat diets, so who is right?

A higher fat diet works for me because I managed my carb intake plus it fits my lifestyle and eating preference better. For those people warning me about my diet, a diet higher in healthy fats definitely wouldn’t work for them since they weren’t able to control their carb intake, their alcohol intake or their overall calorie intake.

The best diet possible for everyone is a little bit of everything and eat as much as you need, not as much as you think you need or “want”. If you’re eating too much processed food, try and cook more. If you don’t eat enough fruit or vegetables then try and eat more fruit and vegetables. It’s sometimes just as simple as doing what you’re not. If you’re not happy with your current body then what you’re eating is right for you, so change it.

Once you start seeing and feeling sustainable results and your knowledge increases of what your body can deal with then start experimenting, but first you must be comfortable with your routine or it wont last.


Let me put this into one rememberable equation .

Real non processed foods in smaller amounts + a variety of training methods completed weekly = a leaner, healthier, sexier and happier you.

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