Here are a few reasons you should start the beginners running club, held every Thursday in the Cardiff bay area. 

First of all there are countless health benefits associated with running. Studies have proven to show that running can reduce the risk of Type 2 diabetes, obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke and many more unpleasant conditions that are associated with a modern day life style. This is partly due to the fact many of us have a sedentary job which means we are sat down for most of the day, even when we travel to work we drive or take the train. Combine this with the less than healthy nutritional options that we are surrounded by on a daily basis and its a real recipe for disaster later down the line.

As little as 30 minuets of exercise a day, (especially running) 5 days a week will highly reduce your risk of falling into one of these categories. If all of this isn’t enough to make you want to put those trainers on and join me in Cardiff bay for our beginners running club, then did you know that running vastly improves your mental & emotional state and actually becomes addictive! This is what is known as the runners high, so no matter how bad your day has been, you will feel more positive after the run !
There is also the huge advantage of burning calories and losing weight associated with running. The hidden bonus of exercise is you will continue to receive the benefits after the initial exercise, this is whats known as the after burn where your metabolism continues to work at an increased rate.
The beginners running club will also allow you to socialise and meet with other like minded people, who looking to start running to improve quality of life. We also take in some fantastic view of the stunning Cardiff bay, you will see your beautiful city from a whole different perspective.
feel free to give me a call for any more information.
look forward to running with you
Toby King Personal Trainer

Toby King is a personal trainer in Cardiff that helps his clients lose weight, build muscle and improve their health. If you would like to hire Toby to help you achieve your fitness goals please get in touch.