personal training cost

On average a personal training session in Cardiff costs around £40. This can change depending on your situation which will be discussed below.

Your Goals

If your looking for a bit of help here and there and maybe one personal training session a week you should expect to pay around £40 a lesson. Any cheaper and you may be hiring a trainer with limited experience.

If you have a wedding or a certain event that you need to get into shape for then it’s worth mentioning this to your personal trainer as some personal trainers will give block bookings which can save you money.

One on one vs a group session

One on one personal training sessions are more expensive because you get your trainers full attention for that hour, but that’s not to say that group exercise can’t be beneficial.

Working out in a group can make training fun, you can make new friends and save money while doing it. At TK-Fitness our group sessions only cost £10 per hour compared to our one on one session which costs £40.

If you are looking to save money to see if a personal trainer is for you then I highly recommend trying out a group training session first. I have had many clients that have started out this way then transitioned into one on one sessions.

Session frequency

As discussed slightly above, the more sessions you do with a personal trainer the more room there is to get a better deal. Results come with consistent training sessions and that makes your personal trainer look even better.

Not only will you look great, be more determined than ever but your wallet will thank you too.

Workout Types

Some personal trainers charge you different prices based on the workouts you want to achieve. I’ve seen some personal trainers in Cardiff charge a few hundred pounds more for one type of training than another which is absurd!

Some personal trainers charge £50 for weight lifting workouts, £40 for cardio workouts and anything else in between. I find this a little ridiculous, and in my opinion, is a little shady.

It doesn’t cost me any more to help you gain muscle than to lose it. Each personal training session is unique to you and your goals and you won’t be charged a different price than someone else.


Some people think that personal trainers are expensive, but let me ask you this. What is more expensive, paying for an hour of my time a week and getting results, or spinning your wheels in the gym for years and getting nothing out of it only a massive gym bill. Personal trainers also can save you money by getting rid of the need for a home gym.  All though self storage is cheap these days (often needed to create space) home gyms are still expensive and can cost you thousands.

A personal plan for your body, in my opinion, is the best way to get results, keep motivated, and more importantly enjoy working out.

So if you’re looking for a personal trainer in Cardiff then please get in touch, I would love to hear about you and the goals that you want to achieve. My first lesson is also free, so you have no excuse not to get in touch!

Toby King Personal Trainer

Toby King is a personal trainer in Cardiff that helps his clients lose weight, build muscle and improve their health. If you would like to hire Toby to help you achieve your fitness goals please get in touch.