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Everyone has to start somewhere, and a great place to start is with a personal trainer. If you started without one and you’re fed up of not seeing results this blog post is for you!

There are many reasons why someone should work with a personal trainer in cardiff and I’ve included 5 of my top reasons below.

1) No results.

This is one of the top reasons why my clients come to me. They all tell me the same thing, they’re eating healthy, they’re working out hard and they can’t understand why they’re not gaining muscle or losing weight. If this sounds like you then you may want to hire a personal trainer.

A personal trainer can look at your current diet plan and make adjustments to it to help you lose weight. A personal trainer can also look at the type of exercises you are doing and improve on your routine. Yep, running on a treadmill isn’t enough to get great results in the gym!

A personal trainer can also push you hard. My clients are surprised by how mentally strong they are when they are given a little push. Not only does this help them reach their goals but it also helps them with their mental strength in all aspects of life.

It’s quite funny how the simple act of lifting weights can increase your confidence and mental strength.

if you are not seeing any results, I’d highly recommend hiring a personal trainer as something must be wrong with your training or diet.

2) You don’t know where to start

Hiring a personal trainer when you are brand new at going to the gym is a great way of learning how to perform the exercises safely and with good form.

Doing so not only helps you lower the risk of injury but helps with your overall goals. Carrying out an exercise in the correct manner can engage more of your muscles, burn more calories and get you results quicker.

Hiring a personal trainer also helps you understand gym etiquette, dieting, supplements, and so much more.  Personal trainers also have access to many gyms in your area so they can be flexible in the location that you want to train.  This means that you don’t need to train at home because most of us don’t have the space or want to put our furniture in storage.

If you don’t know where to start and just want to start, get in touch for a free personal training session.

3) Keep you motivated

Let’s face it, not everyone loves the gym as I do, I know that. For some of you, there are probably more than 1000+ activities you would rather be doing than going to the gym and working out. I get it, I really do. While there are many gyms in Cardiff, getting to one can be down to motivation alone.

That’s where a personal trainer comes into play. Not only can a personal trainer switch up your routine to keep it interesting but they can also challenge you when you begin to become bored.

It’s easy to fall into a rut when you have been working out a long time, doing the same old routine can even make you not want to go to the gym if you’re feeling this way maybe it’s time for a personal trainer.

4) You want to learn to exercise on your own

This goes back to point 2. You want to learn.

You don’t need a personal trainer forever if you just want to learn about being fit and healthy, hiring a personal trainer is a great way to learn.

Signing up to a handful of personal training sessions is more than enough to learn the basics and can help you understand the difference between sets, reps, HIIT, lifting techniques and more.

If you want to learn how to exercise on your own, learn how to do it safely and learn what exercises do what to each of your muscles you can hire a personal trainer to help.

5) Your training for an event

If you’re training to look good in your wedding or training to run a marathon (join our Cardiff running club) a personal trainer can help.

An experienced trainer will know the exact steps you will need to take to help you with your sport or how to look good in that wedding dress.

If you’re training for a sport or want to look great in your wedding dress get in touch and get your first personal training session for free.


Hiring a personal trainer even if it’s for a few sessions is totally worth it. If you want to learn, keep safe and enjoy your workouts get in touch I’d love the chance to work with you.

Toby King Personal Trainer

Toby King is a personal trainer in Cardiff that helps his clients lose weight, build muscle and improve their health. If you would like to hire Toby to help you achieve your fitness goals please get in touch.